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Corn Plant


Learn How to Grow Corn

Learn How to Grow Corn in your Backyard Garden

No matter if it’s in a raised bed, or along the back wall, learn how to grow corn today!

Corn is a summer vegetable that can be grown in any backyard or garden. It does take a lot of room, so make sure you’ve allocated a decent sized square.

You will be so impressed by the taste of eating your own corn ears for lunch or dinner.

You can stagger your plantings to yield a continuous harvest throughout the season.

Corn Starts

Corn Starts

Buy a self pollinating hybrid, or try a more traditional variety, it’s fun to experiment. By the way, there are hundreds of varieties of the corn plant. There are more types of corn plants than your local home improvement seed rack could ever carry, so try a seed catalog, and perhaps there’s even corn varieties that are tailored to your specific region.

Traditionally, when growing corn, the plants require pollination, so squares or rows are needed. That is, you cannot grow a single corn plant unless it is a hybrid.

Sweet corn is by far the most popular variety for home gardeners.

Corn Seedling in a Drinking Cup

Corn Seedling in a Drinking Cup

Corn on the cob at your table takes two to three months to mature from when the seedlings are transplanted to your backyard garden.

The kernels are the seeds, so plan the seed an inch deep in soil. Space them about a foot apart from the next plant.

Growing sweet corn is fairly straight forward, but just don’t let it dry out in the summer heat.

Corn Transplant

Corn Transplant

Fertilize with a nitrogen rich fertilizer when the plants are two feet tall.

You should yield a hearty ear from each plant. It is time to harvest when the silk turns brown at the ends. That’s when the sugar content is at is peak, and the corn is at it’s most delicious.

To harvest your corn, snap the crispy stalk right below the husk.

Corn Plant

Corn Plant

Plant corn away from other vegetables, as they produce too much shade for anything but lettuce to grow.

The Native Americans used to achieve harmony, by using the corn plant as a trellis for pole beans, and using squash as a ground cover to fend off weeds.

It’s just that simple to grow corn in your own backyard.

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